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It's odd to think that when I started this journal, all of my friends were complete strangers (save for my sister). And now, I have 10 people whom I know in "real life" as friended on this. Then again, I don't update often.

I guess I'm not really sure what to write here anymore. Anything fun or insitful...or boring as hell...goes onto And anything private and secretive, which I suppose at one time would have been written here before the insurgence of people who actually know me...goes into a private journal, my angst-ridden outlet.

I suppose I would like to use this more. I mean, I really like the format. I check many LJ communities daily. I have an (if I do say so myself) impressive collection of icons. And this is a permanent journal, so I have no intention of deleting. I guess my main use currently is as a historical record, which allows me to go back and see what I was doing/thinking on a certain date in about 2 and a half years of solid use. There was once a time I updated journal on average of 7 times a day. And now, I'm lucky to get that many posts in a year.

Oh, well, I suppose. Until a time comes when I find myself attached at the hip with this silly site, I'll still to my spontaneous posting.

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