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I think I know why I don't update my journal anymore. It makes me depressed.'s not journal's fault that I'm depressed, but then I get to read about how other people's lives suck, and I feel sympathy sadness for them...or I read how their lives rock, and I feel sympathy sadness for myself. Because my life has not rocked in quite sometime.

Months? Years maybe. I think I was really happy with life sophomore year of high school. But I can't remember that far back.

My birthday arrives in 4 days. I've been dreading it for a while, then I was okay with it, and now I don't want it again. 20 is old, and yet I'm still stuck in a very not-old life. Indiana is a worse fucking bubble to live in than Deerfield. God, I miss home. Not that I really have one anymore. The house is officially sold and will be closing on November 12th. I'll never see it will most likely be torn down by winter break.

So I have no home. And life sucks. Cheery, huh?

In good news...nope. I don't have any.


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