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If I got on the road right now I'd see you at four-thirty

The surreal life of me.

Yeah, I haven't updated a lot lately. Or at all lately. I was going to try to keep up with a journal, especially after Zoe started posting stories and ficlets.

But then things happened.

- First, there was moving back to school. Which was good, then bad. Then good again, and now...okay. The apartment is good. Classes are fine. I'm wasting a lot of money by staying here and not taking any classes toward my major (fucking waitlist).

- Then there's the transfer. I finished and submitted my DePaul application. I'm still trying to figure out what to write for UIC. That application is due October 1st, so I have about 2 weeks to finish it up. Yikes.

- Of course, there's the issue of if I transfer at the semester: A) who is taking my spot at in the apartment? B) Am I going to have to pay for this apartment if I don't find a replacement? C) Where am I going to live in Chicago? D) Where is my stuff going to live? E) Am I going to have to change things on my student loan?

- And to top everything computer is broken. The hard drive is failing, so I ran up to Indy (twice....130 miles each round-trip) and the Apple Store is making a copy of my hard drive onto my external hard drive (have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I bought that???) and then replacing the drive. And thus, I'm computerless until at least Wednesday, probably more like Friday.

So life is eating my soul and shitting it are you all doing?

A few nights ago, I had a really awful dream that shook me up pretty badly for an entire two days...and forced me to leave voice mail messages on a couple cell phones, crying and sounding like an idiot. To add to the chaos of life, this evening I received an email expressing concern over my depressed and overly cynical condition...from the mother of a friend.

Perspective is an odd thing, so now I'm going to be trying to figure out how to respond.

*sigh* Hopefully I'll update this more when I get my computer back. Otherwise is where I ramble mostly. Either way, I can't deal with this PC laptop of my roommate, and thus will avoid using it to type anything longer than a URL or away message. Goodnight, fair Verona.

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