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One of us is crying, one of us is lying in her lonely bed...wishing she were somewhere else instead

Aerosmith rocked like none other. I've been to a concert of their before but this one was far superior. Like...damn near orgasmic. God, I really want to do Joe Perry.

We got into Cleveland after 7 hours and had the perfect amount of time to park, browse the souvenir stands and get to our seats. Cheap Trick opened, and I only knew one of their songs. Then there was the fucking amazing performance that reminded me why I love Aerosmith and any live concert.

The concert was over at 11 and we got out of the parking lot a little after midnight. Thankfully there was the time change, so we got home around 6am. After dropping off each of the girls, I pulled into my house at 6:20. This gave me exactly 2 hours of sleep before camp.

Oh yeah. That rocked. I was actually very peppy and it was a good day.

Today, was not so good. Too hot, too much complaning. Too much "it's not Friday yet?" anxiety.

I need my paycheck!


So money sucks ass. First off, $160 of my paycheck on Friday will be going to Allie for Aerosmith and Alanis/BNL tickets. At least I'll be out of debt.

The rest of it was going to go toward summer clothes. I haven't gotten new clothes since Christmas, and that was all winter stuff. I'd wear my clothes from last summer, but the "freshman 15" was not kind to me (in addition to my metabolism slowing and going on the pill) so I've ballooned and nothing fits right anymore.


My kitty is sick. She's been throwing up everyday, and not eating much. She also has a lot of scratches/scars and many tiny bumps all over. I don't know what's wrong, but I think I should take her to the vet. The parents have no money, so it's kinda on my shoulders.

But I don't have money either. I really needed that second job this summer. Where the hell did that go? Oh right, NOTHING WAS HIRING.

Which leads to the fun topic of college. I decided well over a month ago that I would be transferring for the spring, because out of state tuition is too expensive. My options are now very few...basically UIC or UIUC. I don't want to go to Champagne-Urbana, and never have. Daddy doesn't like the idea of me being at UIC cause it's in a bad area of the city. ?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??! I DON'T HAVE MANY OPTIONS, DADDY!!!!

And finances have gotten so bad, that I might not be going to school in the fall. So. That's fun.

And to top it all off, I'm uber fricking lonely and needing desperately to find a boy. But like usual, this will not be happening.


Fuck life. Fuck money. This sucks ass.

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