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I'm Sorry

To those that have experienced a loss in the recent tragedy
To those that have experienced a loss in a different tragedy
To those that have experienced a loss
To those I may have offended
To those that I ever told I hated
To those I never told I loved
To those that I have ever misjudged
To those that I never stopped to ask how your day was going
To those that

I don't know how to finish this. I'm just...lost.

I don't really know what spawned this. Actually, I do. There was a spider crawling across my bed, and that disgusted me. I hate spiders, I hate that it was on my sheets and pillow, I hate that I have spiders crawling around my room. I grabbed a piece of paper, to either capture it or pin it between the wall and the paper and squish. The spider, instead of crawling on the wall where I could get him, crawled down, between the bed and the wall. I actually yelled at this thing. Out loud. I said "I hope you crawl down there and die!" That's when it happened. I began bawling, not quite sure why. It's just too much for me. I can't handle it all.

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