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I drank your poison because you told me it's wine...

My triumphant return to LiveJournal?

Eh, perhaps. I've kinda been missing this sort of community that is lacking from my website. Not to mention that a couple of my friends have recently gotten journals, so I figure: why not?

The bad part about this is that I'll be cutting down my friends list (I'm sure I've been ditched from a lot of people's by my amazing disappearing act), or at least creating some filters to narrow down the craziness.


And now...a real post!

I'd say that nothing is really going on, but it is. I've been contemplating some life issues recently, most notably "love".

As much as I'd like to say that I don't believe in love, I suppose I a certain extent. My views on marriage have been fucked up beyond repair, but I can still try to understand different types of love. Parent/child, siblings, friends, romantic.

It all just seems so fake sometimes. The word is overused and has lost a lot of the meaning. But does that mean it doesn't exist? And what do you say to someone when you really "love" them or are truly "in love" with them? Or is it all about unspoken actions?

Words are the clearest form of communication we have, but what happens when you can't articulate yourself?

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