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And it hits you so much harder than you thought

I'm home from Cincinnati.

And have been for about 7 hours. But hey.

I had a fabulous time. Taming of the Shrew was WONDERFUL, the Renaissance Fest was not as good as Bristol's, but nice to see how it feels to go when it's cold out and not the middle of the summer. ;-)

Everything else you can read up about on

I know it's a pain in the ass to look up sites when they aren't conveniently on a friend's page, but I've noticed that I've been using that a ton more to write down events. And I haven't really been putting thoughts anywhere. Maybe that's why I'm starting to go a little nuts. My outlets are few and far between. And 300 miles away.

Oh well. Right?

So I'm currently working on cleaning up my computer. Amazingly enough, I've filled about 22 GB of space in the 6 weeks that I've had this bad boy. So I'm putting the West Wings I've downloaded onto a CD-R and doing the same with most of my pictures. My mp3s shouldn't be a problem yet, so we'll save cleaning those up for some other time.

Along the same lines, I'm quickly using up my web space. I'll either have to start rotating pictures in and not keeping them up permanently, buy more server space, or host my own. And those are listed in about the order of probability. Since I'm too broke for the last two. dwindling quickly. And I'm currently deciding whether it would be worth it to pay $60 for 3 months of Weight Watchers online. A girl on my floor has been on it and says it's helping a lot. She's dropped about 30 pounds and is down to about my weight now. I'd like to drop about 30...maybe 40. That would be a nice, healthy, average weight. I definitely think it would be worth it. Even if it drops me to about $100. *sigh*

That's about it. I'll hopefully updated sooner, rather than later.

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