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Thank you very much, oh Mr. Roboto

Again, haven't updated in a while.

Bad gail.

Still obsessed with downloading episodes of West Wing. It curbs the cravings that come between Wednesdays. Oh, and John Goodman needs to get the fuck out of the Oval Office and take that beast of a rat-dog with him!



My exciting news.

Last Thursday I auditioned for a show. Two actually, at one time. Cold readings, closed auditions. Pretty informal. I was happy with how it went but knew I wouldn't get a part.

BUT THEN! Yesterday the cast list was posted and I GOT IN! There are 23 parts total (only 10 female) for both shows, and I'm in a one-act called "Unwrap Your Candy" with 5 other people.

I'm a freshman. And I got cast!!!!! I'm SOOOOO excited! I can't even tell you. I feel like it's a really big deal, mostly because people keep telling me it is.

So yeah. That's the life of Gail. Rehearsals start Tuesday...I have to ditch (ironically enough) Acting 1 for it...hopefully the remainder of the schedule won't be so conflicting. :-\

And I'm off to bed. I slept through my first class this morning, and don't want a repeat. Even though my next class is in 10 hours.

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