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Why am I home at 10? Because of my father. Not that it makes a huge difference if I get home at ten or two. Last night when I came home a little after 2, the entire house was asleep and quiet. Tonight when I came home at 10, the entire house was asleep and quiet. Not like they were waiting up worried or anything. Hell, even my friends that have curfews don't have to be home this early. It sucks a lot. I am especially angry because we were in the middle of a movie, and it was strange, so I don't know if it was good or bad, I would have had to see the ending. I think I'm going to start getting rides from people so I can use the excuse that I can't go home till they do. Then at least I could be out until curfew. The two reasons I like my parents are for their lack of rules and my mom's generosity. Mommy has not been the most giving person lately (I try not to blame her, money's been tight) and this curfew shit is definitely not working for me. Basically I have no reason to like my parents except that they provide a home and (on occasion) some food. It's extremely upsetting.

Yesterday, we hung out at Caitlin's; playing Settlers of Catan (a German board game) and watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. After, we had to leave so she could sleep, so we went to Lewis's. We stayed there until curfew, when everyone but me left. Lewis and I rented Jesus Christ Superstar (which I had never seen). It was...intersting. I realized that my 13 years of going to Church every Sunday taught me nothing. Granted I understood most of it, but it was the story of Easter. Everyone knows at least the basic plot of it.

Tonight, we were going to go bowling, and actually met at Brunswick before realizing none of us had socks and it's just gross to use rented bowling shoes without socks. Instead, we rented State and Main from Blockbuster and went to Zoe's to watch it. I wasn't so devastated to leave because it was only Zoe, Candace and Me, but I still really wanted to see the end of the movie. I think it was good.

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