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The painful realization that all has gone wrong and nobody cares at all

Today was alright, then got bad. It's now good though.

First, there were the cramps from hell, accompanied by bloating. Yay, I love feeling fat and gross.

Later, there was the dying of my iPod battery. It is now recharging.

Then there was the realization that the right ear of my headphones has blown out. No, not blown out. The cord stripped and the wire inside broke. GRRR! Those were my cool EarHugger ones from the Virgin Megastore in TIMES SQUARE!

Then there was the having class until 10pm. SUCKitude.

And on the way back, I was going to pick up dinner from McDonalds. But the line was HUGE. So I didn't get dinner.

And I was still upset because on Saturday, I lost my case of DVDs (40 of them). I thought it was in Lela's room. She said she looked. I had concluded that someone stole it.

Then I found it under her roommate's bed, and there were my DVDs. While I was happy to find them (that's about $800 right there), I was pissed at myself for being stupid and not looking for myself right away.

And anything that could have went wrong...did.

But then I hung around with Erik, who is one of my favorite people on the floor because he's just so calm and relaxed, while still being really pensive and funny. So we chilled around and I found myself in a place where I was feeling better.

So now, although I feel Return of the Cramps: The Bodily Rebellion, Part Two...I will try to drown my sorrows in Advil and get to bed.

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