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And I'll to anything you ever dreamed to be complete

I got a message that my mom had called. I sent her an email to tell her how the first day went, but that was before I realized that despite having class on Labor Day, SHE didn't have work, so she didn't receive email.

So she left a voice mail and when I called back she was gone. So I got to talk to Daddy. And I can tell that he misses me a lot. And I really miss him too. I knew he would...on move in day he made a couple comments about how he trusts my judgment and sense of direction and memory more than my mothers, and he would say "what am I going to do without you around?" And that's what I thought every time I imagined a divorce and having to solely live with my mother. What would I do without him? If nothing else, we are buffers for each other. One on one time with Mommy is never easy.

I guess it was sort of destined though. The name "Gail" (derived from "Abigail") means "Father's joy" and I always have been "daddy's little girl." So it was nice that I got to talk to him and tell him how things were going. Because I usually only get Mama. I almost feel guilty because when I say "I love you" to my mother at the end of conversations, it never feels sincere. But when I said "I miss you too," I thought I might cry because it felt so truthful. I miss my Daddy.

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