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Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue

I continue to love my dorm floor. A lot. I'm really hoping I get Governor, even though I probably won't...but here's to dreaming. :-\

People I was meeting before are actually becoming friends now. Which rocks. A lot.

Class today wasn't too bad. I'm one of the youngest in both French and Communication. French seems really's all stuff I've learned already. And Communication? A bitch of a course with a lot of reading and presentations. And our "teacher" is an AI named Ali. No, not artificial intelligence, but rather Associate Instructor. Meh, I'm sure it will be fine.

It rained a lot today. I had to borrow an umbrella for French, then went to the Bookstore to buy one for myself. I got very wet.

Talked to Lela tonight for about an hour after others ditched to go to bed. And I have class at 9:30, so I really have to get some sleep. Silly history class.

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