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Alive and well and feeling good.

Yesterday was fun. We went to this poster sale and I got a few 10 x 14 prints for $4 each. "Ophelia" by John Waterhouse, "Waterfall" by MC Escher, and "Parapluie - Revel" (a vintage poster). Basically? They couldn't be any different.

Then we all sat around for two hours on a Saturday night at college trying to figure out what to do and playing Uno while listening to Beatles. Oh yeah, we're cool. For some reason we ended up walking up Jordan (Frat Alley) and over to Assembly Hall to get Patrick's Aerostar so that 7 of us could go to Wal-Mart and buy ping pong paddles for our floor. In the basement we have a ping pong table, but no paddles. Stupids.

I also bought a pair of slippers. They are purple with paw prints (Steve Madden rip offs) and were only $5. Woo hoo.

After playing ping pong, we watched Robin Williams: Live on Broadway. At 2 I was falling asleep, so I came to bed.

Waking up at noon the past couple days has been SO nice. But now I'm incredibly hungry, so I might shower and find someone to go to lunch with.

Oh, and the weather is now dramatically cooler. 65 degrees! And very overcast, but no rain since I've been awake. I should invest in an umbrella. And soon!

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