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I'm so tired, but I can't sleep

My roommate and I were awoken at 10am because some guy was calling to try to sell us a newspaper subscription.'s a Saturday. Fuck off.

She promptly fell back asleep, but I am now awake and tired, yet unable to sleep. I'll try again soon though.

Nothing really planned for today. Probably lunch with some people. Allyson and company if I'm up by noon, or Michael if I sleep in. I guess we'll see where that gets me.

Oh, and the weather is SO MUCH BETTER today. It's like...cold. According to, it's 72°F [22°C], but I would say it's no more than 68°F [20°C] currently. With a high of 75°F [24°C] and scattered showers all day long. Rock on...I like the cooooolness of it. So much more comfortable. And this is totally my weather. Cool, rainy. Beautiful.

Alright. Time to go back to sleep. Or take a nap, or whatever it would be classified as.

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