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Cause a bottle of vodka's still lodged in my hand

Today ended up looking up about mid-day.

I took a trip with 4 other people to Target. We subsequently got soaked when the downpour began.

So wet and laughing, we hauled bags up to our rooms, then got a group of 17 people (11 from our floor) to go to dinner together. It was awesome. This is that community that I was talking about. Our floor rocks so hard.

Then there was a lot of chilling and drifting from one person's room to the next, comparing computer stuff as well as showing off funny online movies that we like, like some of the Strong Bad emails and the Bush/Blair Endless Love song.

We watched LotR: The Two Towers tonight in the Forest Library...which is really just a common room in the center building.

I wish I knew if my roommate has her key. I don't want to lock her out, but I also like sleep.

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