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And I guess I'm not nearly as strong as that drink in your glass

First off, this evening we went to Chipotle and I got my 3rd free burrito this summer. I love Whitey.

Then we went to Liz's. Played ASAP, the best game EVER. Watched Animal House (appropriately enough) and then started LotR: Fellowship of the RIng.

Then it was time for us all to leave. And time for our goodbyes. I did well. I got a little choked up during Candace...but I lost it with Allie. I was full out sobbing. I'm going to miss her so much. We've known each other for 13 years at this point, and been best friends for the past 11. Still so much I wish I could say to her.

So that's all over. I'm not going to see anyone else before tomorrow morning. And I'll be out of here around 11am, I think. Then 4 hours to Bloomington. I don't move in until Wednesday, so I'll be spending all day tomorrow with the parents. Here's hoping that they behave.

Obviously, I'll be back here soon. But still, if you'd like to wish me well, you can text me, or email me...and all that info is on my info page.

Farewell until Wednesday!

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