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Worry not about the cars that go by

We wound up at Charlie's house to watch Tron which was not too bad. Impressive graphics for 1982 and just funny because computer programs were played by people and there was a Master Control Program that was evil and even became too smart for the "users" (or programmers).

Then Jason had brought Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill. It was HILARIOUS. I was thinking that maybe the first one was just a fluke, but I laughed just as much and just as loud. And it was fabulous. Sooooo funny. Nothing beats a transvestite British comedian. Seriously.

Then Jason came back here so we could hang out like old times. And we sat and talked and laughed and I cried a bit, and it was just like normal. I love that we can tell each other anything and that he's my best friend in the world. He helped to fix me and make me the semi-more-well adjusted person than I ever was before. And when he was leaving, I got choked up while giving him a hug. And the only other person that I was like that with was Amanda, because I love her unconditionally.

Tomorrow will be tough though. Leaving everyone at once. One final hurrah at Liz's and then Tuesday morning I'm out of here. Still more to pack...still more people I want to see. But I'm feeling more ready than I have in a while, so good.

I should get going. It's late and my head hurts.

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