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I'm still waiting for you, and I guess that I will...

Le diner ete tres bien, and since accents take too long to insert, I"m going to stop butchering the language.

After dinner we went to Target for some last minute stuff. I got Super Troopers on DVD. Necessary for every college student. Just like Dazed and Confused.

Now I'm home. My wireless connection is working and I'm not quite sure why. And I feel bad because Jason and I have been playing telephone tag all day. And then I call him and I'm like..."wait! It's working."

Now I'm trying to figure out with Patty what to do tonight. Possibly renting Tron. Computer viruses of the 80's...PERSONIFIED! Hahahaha.

It's so odd that I leave in 39 hours. Huh.

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