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This song rocks. Bitter, sad, lonely. All at once.

Big ol' "FUCK YOU" song. I need another one of those.

Tonight was alright. The family shindig was typical. Eating, sitting around. I was actually pretty bored, but I love my immediate family, so it was alright. And I got some more money, even though mommy said no gifts. Totals $100. Niiiiiice. Especially after that messenger bag. And the laptop lock. And West Wing season 1.

Then I went to dinner/food with Fayanne, Brad and our neighbor and their friend Stephanie. I got a shake, but was so full that it wasn't enjoyable.

Then I got home to be lectured by my friends about underage drinking. Buh? I wasn't drunk, but yes, I had a few Mike's tonight. Fuck them.

So that put me in this cross mood.

And I think i need to go now.


Aug. 23rd, 2003 09:59 pm (UTC)
It's not huge, which is actually what I like about it. It would probably hold a laptop (duh), a book, a notebook and pens, pencils, etc. I figure it should be good, since I don't have many classes that I'll have to go to without going back to the dorm first...I hope.

The laptop lock I'm getting is here. It locks to the laptop, then you attach the other end of the cable to something immovable, like a bedframe.

And people bitching out social drinking are FUCKERS. Seriously, they tried to pull the "legal drinking age is 21 for a reason." And I was like...and in Europe and Mexico and Canada where the legal ages are 14, 16, 18, 19...what, do they have a different physical make up? Are they more mature than us? WHERE'S THE DIFFERENCE?!

Oh, how was Radiohead?

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