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I apologize if it makes you feel bad. Seeing me so tense, no self-confidence

This song rocks. Bitter, sad, lonely. All at once.

Big ol' "FUCK YOU" song. I need another one of those.

Tonight was alright. The family shindig was typical. Eating, sitting around. I was actually pretty bored, but I love my immediate family, so it was alright. And I got some more money, even though mommy said no gifts. Totals $100. Niiiiiice. Especially after that messenger bag. And the laptop lock. And West Wing season 1.

Then I went to dinner/food with Fayanne, Brad and our neighbor and their friend Stephanie. I got a shake, but was so full that it wasn't enjoyable.

Then I got home to be lectured by my friends about underage drinking. Buh? I wasn't drunk, but yes, I had a few Mike's tonight. Fuck them.

So that put me in this cross mood.

And I think i need to go now.

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