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Take yourself around the world to see who's your friend and who is kind

Tonight was alright. We hung at Mulder's, watched a bad Tom Clancy movie, played Settlers and went to IHOP.

And yet for some reason, I was feeling really shitty and there was some miscommunication of which IHOP to go to and I ended up excusing myself to the bathroom because I was starting to cry. Stupidest fucking thing ever. And I calmed down while we ate and everything.

But then I come home and my mother has moved my laptop and it looks like she's closed it, which would put it to sleep and close all my connections, (like Adium/AIM and mail) so I'd have to log back in and miss anything that I would have received earlier.

It turns out that it was barely still cracked open, impressive because there was even stuff on top of it (!!!). But it still caused tears and for me to yell (under my breath) about how much of a "fucking whore" she is and that I "fucking hate that bitch" and other such profanities.

This shit sucks.

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