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Every knot was once straight rope

Last night, our cable went out.

And since I have a CABLE modem...I was left without internet! Oh the horror, the horror!

But I had a pretty good night. Spent a couple hours chilling with Becca and a carton of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Kathy Crystal thought it was so night of me to come over for a Zev-bashing night. It was cute. So we just chilled and talked.

Today I'm taking her and Beth to the Art Institute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Art Institute sooooo much. It's fabulous. We have the greatest impressionist wing, some really cool armory, the Chagall windows, lots of Asian pottery, the miniature rooms, the paperweights, and kick ass exhibits. Whatever it is, it rocks. The photography especially. Fabulous.

I could spend hours in the impressionist wing. Monet is fabulous and of course there's Renoir and Degas and Seurat (the BIG one ;-) ) and Lautrec and Cassatt and Pissaro. Soooo good.

[/end art]

Now I need to shower and get ready because I'm picking the girls up at 11:30. YAY!

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