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Pearl Harbor

For lack of a better title, I will title as they are relating the events of today to the attack on the Hawaiian military base disaster.

Weird. This day has just been weird. Off. Totally just...surreal. I first heard of the horrific events at 9am. It was right before the end of Physics and our Assistant Principal, Mr. Swanson and reported that the United States had been target of terrorist attacks. There was shock and disbelief and questions and, just, confusion. The bell rang and I walked to English. CNN was on in the room and we chose to watch it. It was almost creepy to think that I was watching as everything began to unfold. There was one Tower down when the coverage cut away for commercials (sick, commercials on CNN) around 9:10 (10:10 eastern time), and by the time it came back, another plane had crashed into the second Tower and they showed footage of the collapse. It was so emotional, or at least for me, knowing that there were people in that building. Innocent people who have nothing to do with Bin-Laden or Libya or Iraq or who ever the hell is sick enough to do shit like this, these people were killed. It I couldn't believe it. Then news came that the Pentagon had been hit, that most of New York was shut down, and that there was still one missing plane, thought to be near Pittsburgh.

I watched the new news coverage until after 5th period (about 12:15 central time). Nothing new had happened, but it was...comforting/seemed necessary to watch. I remember when JFK Jr.'s Plane went down and though nothing changed on the news, I watched MSNBC non-stop for 2 days. It just seemed right. Now, I have the FOX News Channel on.

So many things happened today. [I apologize right now for my lack of words. I can usually be rather eloquent, but not today.]
I hate people that don't see this as being a big deal. If it didn't directly effect them, they didn't care. So many times today I heard "Yeah! We don't have football today!" Do you realize *why* you don't have practice? Over 10,000 people lost their lives today, and all you care about is not playing football?
Then again, there wasn't a short of students and teacher today who had family or friends in New York and were trying to call all day. It amazed me how small the world is. Mrs. Johnson's sister (or friend or something related to her) was supposed to be a flight attendant on one of the 4 flights that went down today, but was in a car accident on the way to work, and was unable to go into work. Mr. Levy's daughter Beth (who graduated last year, and I know fairly well) goes to school at NYU and saw the second plane take down the second tower of the World Trade Center because she could see it from her dorm window.

It's a moral dilemma, really, on what to do when the terrorists are caught. I'm not a violent person. I do, however, think that whoever did this should be punished - to use President Bush's words. I'm also not a Bush fan, but I am in full support of whatever his plan is. This is his strength, and I will stand by his decision. Especially if it involves sending in the Black Ops or whomever to take care of the Terrorist attacks. No one deserves to kill thousands of people and get away with nothing. Jail-time, pish. "Of course I hope he dies, I hope he burns in hell." Though it sounds better coming from Samuel L Jackson in A Time to Kill, I actually feel this way. Horrible.

Y2K. A friend of mine pointed out how besides the fact that we have electricity, everything is very end-of-the-world-ish. Phone lines are fucked up. Stores, malls, schools, buildings are closing. Planes aren't running, people are panicked everywhere, no one knows what will happen. Everything is just...weird.

We just don't know. No one can tell what will happen. No one can say that the attacks are over. No one can say for sure that it was a foreign attack. No one knows how many lives were lost. We just don't know. Speculations. All day, just speculations.

Nothing will ever be the same. Tomorrow, there will still be this cloud over us. Tomorrow, though the fires may have gone out, and the damage done, there will still be the rubble. There will still be lost lives. There will still be a rage and a sadness from Americans. We will still want justice and peace. We will still hope that this had never happened. That perhaps, we had never woke up this morning, and it wasn't real. I hope that we don't just forget this day. Though horrific, I feel that we should remember and celebrate the lives lost. So many people were effected and it should not become just another fact in a history book.

Justice should be taken. We cannot just stand by and try to be the "bigger man". No, we need to do something big. Show our enemies out there that we cannot and will not be pushed around.

random - war
This cannot be an act of war if it was done by a terrorist group, only if by a State or Country.
This attack does not follow rules of war, and thus, war will not be declaired.
At this point, war is an inappropriate word to use, even if we do respond as many think we will.

Quotations from today.
...what was once the World Towers...

This is one of those events that stay with you forever. You will forever remember where you were when you heard of this event

It has been a day of chaos

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