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No room at the Holiday Inn, oh no! And it's beginning to snow

So Seattle...I was there.


Sunday, we arrived around noon and got checked in. The hotel was a lot nicer than the 2 stars that expedia gave it. It was the closest to the airport that you could get, but that wasn't really a problem. We had a free shuttle and it wasn't loud or anything.

So on that first day, since we had a whole half-day, we decided to figure out the bus system to take us the 25 minutes into actual Seattle. We walked down to the bay and checked out the docks and such. We ate fish (!!! I don't like fish) and did a little shopping. I bought a cheap shell necklace that looks so good on me.

Unfortuantely buses don't run past 7:30, so we were never able to catch the night life.

Monday we ... actually? I don't remember. I'll just tell all the stuff we did, in non-chronological order..

-Took a ferry to Bainbridge Island
-Shopped and walked around the Island
-Ate at Isla Bonita (!!! Like the Madonna song!) It was SOOOO GOOOD!!!

-Went to Seattle Center (tacky)
-Saw the Space Needle (didn't go expensive)
-Went to Experience Music Project (expensive too, but cool)
-Went to Nordstrom (THE Nordstrom)
-Bought hats
-Saw Freaky Friday. Still good.

-Went to Pike's Market (sooooo cool)
-Bought really cool print thing
-Went to a really cool italian food to go place. GOOD FOOD.
-Walked around
-Went to Nordstrom Rack (bought backpack, necklace and cheap Dr. Martin sandals)

-Went to Seattle Art Museum
Have been spoiled by the Art Institute of Chicago and were not impressed with anything :-(
-Left early and ate at cute diner with friendly folks
-Caught another movie (Le Divorce - meh)

That's the thing about Seattle...the people are SO friendly. Even people begging for change would say "that's alright, have a good day" after you claimed not to have any quarters. And people are more than willling to give directions or share a map. And when we asked where a movie theater was to the guys ate the diner, one of them said he could walk us there because he needed to go get a tux for a wedding anyway (which was near it). And we met this CUTE CUTE CUTE French guy at the Pizza Hut near our hotel who is working as an au pair. He rocked so much.

Our days were never rushed, and we always had time at the end. It was nice and relaxed and 5 days was a good amount of time. We had time when we got back to the hotel for reading, or working out in the "fitness room" or just chilling and watching TV. I finished If I Die in a Combat Zone which was okay AND read all of Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty which was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! And I started Shopaholic Takes Manhattan which is eh.


Last night, I got home around 7 and invited Jason over. We sat around and played Super Smash and Mario Kart and chatted. I love him because I can talk to him about anything. Including fooling around with *cough* he-who-shall-remain-nameless and the fact that I have a very low self-image. I don't like myself as much as most people do, and I don't understand why they like me. It was a really good conversation and I'm going to miss him a ton when I leave in 10 days.

Oh, and that's the other thing, in 10 days, on Tuesday, August 26th, I leave for school. I'll obviously have the internet connection and I'll update, so it doesn't really affect much on here. But it does affect my life a ton right here, in my home and my town. Now's not the time to start getting nervous though. I have 10 days, and everyone is just starting to get back from vacations that they were on this past week. So I have to make the most of it and see them all.

And now...I shower before doing Chipotle with some of the boys who got home from the canou trip!

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