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I'm left with this trouble in mind

Dentist was blah. But whatever. Could be worse...

Yesterday, Mama and I went to Target to buy everything I could possibly need for college. From toothpaste to an answering machine, so I'm pretty well set as far as that stuff goes.

Then after we met my aunt and cousin at the mall to shop for clothes. Got a few pairs of jeans, and some shirts. Oh, and an uber cute pair of shoes. Unfortunately, my fears of the summer have come true and I did indeed gain weight and a pant size. That made me uber upset, because I usually lose weight during the summer because I don't eat that much when I'm sleeping all day. But instead, I had a job, so I couldn't sleep away the meal times. Sucks ass.

Then I joined Candace and Zoe for a 9pm showing of S.W.A.T. It was better than I was expecting. A lot better. Because I expected total crap and I didn't even want to go in the first place.

After the movie, my head hurt a lot (and it still does, actually) but we joined Rob, John, Peter, Zack and Steph at Rob's house. I fell asleep because closing my eyes was the only way to make the intense head pain stop. When they woke me up, Zoe drove my car to drop off Candace and herself so that I'd only have to drive for the three blocks from her house to mine.

I got to bed around 1:30 and woke up at 8. It sucked ass. But now I'm awake. I have to pack for Seattle today, which means I also have to find out what the weather is going to be like for the next week.

Everyone is going to be gone this week. Zoe and I are in Seattle. Candace is in the Caribbean. Pat, Goldy, Mulder and Chazz are on a Boundary Waters canou. Jason's gone for the weekend+ to pick up Becca from Interlochen. I think there were more, but I forget.

That's about it. I might go up to my sister's apartment to visit her later. Maybe around lunchtime. I have a 5pm doctor appointment with evil bitch lady that I hate. Then I'll be going straight up to my cousins' birthday party. If only I wasn't driving, I might be able to get drunk. Boo.ssss

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