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Down a one-way street with a one-night stand with a one-track mind out to no-man's land

A or all, before it gets to be Friday...

a very happy birthday wish is going out to Zack (sinkist). You rock honey. Seriously. I hope you had an awesome day and that things aren't sucking.

I'd be more sincere and heartfelt, but I can't think tonight.

ALSO! Does anyone know the process to getting a government issued ID? Do I have to go to the post office? Can I get it instantly? I really really need it for going to the airport on Sunday.

Or better yet, if I go to the police station where I got my ticket, can I pay it and get my license back there? Zoe said I could, but I don't know if I believe her.

Finally...I stole a half-gallon jug from the Ram. A) because I"m a clepto and Leslie told me to. B) because our waitress was a bitch and we never got our cherry garnish!!!! ;-)

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