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And the band played songs that we had never heard but we danced anyway

Setting up my computer has been so unbelievably fun and stress free. Macs make everything so easy. It took me a total of maybe 10 minutes to transfer all of my files from the old computer to this one (with Jason's help). And all of my mp3s have been moved onto here, and ripping CDs into mp3s is just about the easiest thing in the world, thanks to iTunes. This is so more user friendly than Windows ever could be.

But now I need to get to bed, because I still have work in the morning. Maybe I'll get around to actually using my iPod tomorrow.

Oh! And I filled out all the mail-in-rebate stuff, so I'll be getting (or rather Mama will be getting) $300 back for our purchase of PowerBook, printer and iPod. Adding in the educational discount and we saved $750. Total cost being $2078, for a computer, printer, 10GB iPod, 3 year Apple Care, and an addition 256 MB of memory. Oh, and an iPod case. Rock on Apple.

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