Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

I want to get lost in your rock n roll and drift away


My "new computer" is fucked up and the monitor is doing that stupid POPPING and SIZZLING and SPARKING thing when you try to turn it on. I'm thinking this is bad.

So I'm on the "old computer" in my room. And I was typing an entry. About my 4 hour shopping extravaganza, where I spend over $280 and got a lot of stuff for college.

And then I was reminded why I stopped using this computer. Because it FREEZES EVERY 8 SECONDS. So my entire entry with itemized deduction of purchases was lost. Gone. Bye bye.

*sigh* Shorter version...

Went to Target, two Best Buys, two Linens N Things, and Office Max.

-Boondock Saints DVD
-Egg carton mattress pad
-Florescent light bulbs (60 watts of light from 15 watts of energy. Efficient!!)
-Surge protector/power strip
-Cordless phone with Caller ID
-Red/Black reversible comforter
-2 pillows
-Red pillowcases
-Magnetic Poetry: Pick-Up Lines set
-Bic Pens (clicky, blue)
-Papermate pens (caps, blue)
-Mechanical pencils
-2 Grad notebooks
-1 3-subject Bungies notebook
-plastic pen holder, extra capacity size
-Battery charger with 4 AA rechargeable batteries
-Wireless, optical mouse
-Sister Hazel Chasing Daylight CD
-Def Leppard Vault: 1980-1995 CD
-Black sheets

Shopping for computer and printer tomorrow night. Still need microwave, mini fridge, back pack and desk lamp.

Mama said that since I bought all that on my own, that she'd rip up my Seattle check and call it even. Meaning I got back my $480, plus the $250 Eastern refund that I deposited this morning.

I feel a little guilty. But the damage is done, I'm out on top, and Mama doesn't know. I guess it's all good!

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