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You hold my heart in your hand

Went to Candace's to have Chinese for dinner with her and Jason. 'Twas excellent. Then Jason left and Allie came and more fun was had, reminiscing about junior high and such.

We were kicked out at midnight, so Allie and I stood by our cars in the street and continued a conversation we were having in hushed voices while Candace was upstairs. Which lead into several more conversations and we got on tangents like you wouldn't believe. Elementary school, guys, orientation, college, the pill, cars. It was nuts, but completely awesome.

Then I noticed that it was 1:27 and her "curfew" is 1:30, so we decided to stop standing outside where it's a chilly 60°F (16°C) and get on home.

I'm now tired and somewhat dreading waking up for work in 6 hours. Whoops.

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