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I thought I knew was love was, how could I know?


So tonight had some good and some bad.

The good:
-Eating dinner at Fazoli's (in Kenosha, WI)

The bad:
-Getting a ticket for a rolling stop in Bannochburn. *HISS!!!* $75

The good:
-Zoe and I booked our trip to SEATTLE!!!!!

We fly out of O'Hare on Sunday, August 10th.
Stay 5 nights at the Coast Gateway Hotel Sea-Tac (mmm...airport hotel)
Come home on Friday, August 15th.

It ended up being $470 a person. Not bad, I suppose?

The bad:
-We had to put it on my Mom's credit card. :-(

The good:
-Minneapolis will be cheaper because it's a two-night road trip.

The bad:
-So much money that I don't have. And I'm spending it all!

The good:
-I get to travel!!!!

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