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I don't know where I belong

I am intent on taking another nap today.

Yesterday, I took a LONG nap after work. From about 3:30 until 5. Then I went to bed at 11:30 and didn't wake up this morning until 8:25 (whoops! Though I still had time to run to Starbucks. I got ready in 20 minutes this morning).

I've just been so tired lately. Boo.

But I got some ClubPhoto pictures in the mail today. My Compact Flash card should be coming soon, and more pictures that I ordered.

And this morning I had a venti [large] Carmel Frappuccino. When the woman behind the counter handed it to me, the guy next to me said "whoa" in regards to the size. Yeah, it was fucking huge. Yes. I needed it.

So now. I'll nap. And maybe read more later. I think I also have a Baskin-Robbins run and a Muppet Treasure Island viewing coming up.

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