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And I want to wake up with rain falling on a tin roof while I'm safe there in your arms

I finished Harry Potter last night, and now I only have 7...soon to be 8 books left sitting on my shelf to be read. They are mostly fluff, as it is summer, but I need to finish Blonde at some point and I'll be buying Tim O'Brien's If I Die In a Combat Zone.

And I don't know what I'm doing tonight.

We have hair appointments, so I should probably go there and get a cut and color. It's my last chance before going away to Indiana. So...the question now remains if I should go back to a more blond color, if I should keep adding reds and make that more prominent, or if I dare to go brunette (not my natural color, of course...but something pretty).

I guess I'll have to decide.

But now, I'm napping for a bit.

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