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Woke up the baby and she started to cry. She must've known what we were going to find


So in my last entry I had "budget" on my to-do list.

And then I went and spent $500 today.

Hee hee hee. I love to spend money. If only I had it to spend...

But anywho. I bought my new camera. The lovely Canon PowerShot S230. Though it's cheaper at, they are out of stock and I got impatient. Plus, I had Best Buy gift cards.

I also picked up the Foo Fighter's album The Colour and the Shape.

With my $65 in gift cards, the grand total was $327.

Then I came home and immediately ordered a 256 MB Compact Flash card. From for $48...about half the price Best Buy sells them for. Cheap bastards.

*cough* Then I ordered my sister a gift for letting me use her camera for so long...

I also just recently bought an accessory case with extra battery and a USB Compact Flash card reader. I bought the "refurbished" one for $49.50 instead of the new one for $66. It better be fine or I might cry.

And I'm still looking at a trip to Seattle (or maybe Las Vegas) and a new cell phone. I need to get paid. Now.

I should go do something useful.

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