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My day has consisted of...

- Work. Better than last couple days. I was still yelling more than I would like. Got brownie points with bitchy site director Susie for leading games with some of the kids at pick up. Woo?

- Nap. For over 3 hours.

- Cold pizza for dinner. It happens, ya know, when dinner is served while you're napping and no one bothers to wake you up.

- Reading Harry Potter. Less than 200 pages left!

- Ordering (more) pictures from Club Photo. Yay spending money like it's water! Though in all fairness, my purchases in the last week have all been under $20.

- Mommy asking if it's my bedtime yet. She won't tell me to go to sleep, but she'll guilt me there. I guess I should go. Work in the morning, and all that jazz.

So basically? Work, sleep and reading. Wow. I'm an exciting one!


OH! And tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

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