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When I don't feel like company, make yourself at home

Oh now I remember!

I was too tired last night to post!

Last night:

Dinner with Charlie, Pat and Candace at TGI Fridays. Then shopping at Barnes and Noble. Bought a nice day planner and a book called Fourplay. Funny stuff.

Then we stopped at Home Depot to drop off my car for my sister and went to Showplace to pick up advance tickets for Pirates of the Caribbean!!! WOOOOO!

Then we hung at Allie's for a while. She, Ben and Zoe joined us 4. We left at about 11 and Zoe took me to Carly's.

Carly, Amanda and I were going to go to Kaffine in Evanston, but it was storming a lot so we rented How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and watched it back at my house with Charlie.

Today I biked to work, with the lack of car. And it was fine this morning, but just now it was POURING! I was completely soaked when I got home. And it's really dangerous to bike like that. Imagine driving without windshield wipers. Yeah...I couldn't see more than a foot in front of me, and so much water got in my eyes I felt like I was in a pool.

Here's hoping I don't get pneumonia!

This afternoon I'm going to Walgreen's and Barnes and Noble with Candace. Then to dinner at Panera with Becca and to summer theatre.

Thankfully Mommy says I can use her car tonight!

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