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Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again

We watched Full Metal Jacket tonight. Talk about a brainfuck. Dear god.

It really makes me want to ask my dad about Vietnam, but that's a subject that we generally shy away from. I've picked up bits and pieces through the years, but it would be interesting to see how much of this film was a good adaptation. Because many films have tried to capture the horrors of war, but none seem accurate in my mind...but then again, I've never been there.

Kubrick has a way with films it seems. So disturbed.

Nothing was neat, and things didn't get resolved. It was haunting and rightfully so. Things didn't tie together at the end, but it was realistic in that way.

Not to mention that he just has a way of making things resonate. The woman praying and saying "shoot me" over and over again, and the men singing "Mickey Mouse" at the end. It was so...creepy.

Haunting is really the best work for it. It was unbelievable.


Other than that, the night was alright.

My aunt's picnic earlier was rather dull...Stephanie was the only one my age until the end when she left and Adam came. And it was still boring. So I got myself out of there.

I'm tired. But I haven't been reading Harry Potter as much or as often as I'd like. So I don't know if I'll sleep or read. Or both.

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