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If you could hear me now, singing somewhere in the lonely night.

I talked to Allie on the phone for an hour and 50 minutes, and in that time, I FINALLY figured out how to get my school email to work in Outlook.

I've been trying to figure it out for like a month.

And it took me about an hour and a lot of researching stuff, but I finally got it!! All on my own!!!!

I'm proud.

Then I started Thank-You cards for my graduation party. Only got 5 done before the family returned and I quit. They were the important 5 though. The ones who gave $100. So I could sent those out early and say "screw everyone else, you'll get yours eventually..."

Yeah. I totally work better alone. When the parents leave for a weekend, I always get cleaning and laundry done. When they are here, I just slack off.

So now I'm going to shower. Party.

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