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I'm so antsy. I want something to do. It's so early. I wish I had my CDs. I wish Allie was up. Starbucks should totally be open right now. I should totally have friends. I hate parades. They are annoying. I'm so bored. It's frickin' cold down here. To make matters worse, I was reading old entries from last summer. Stupid girl = me. I wish I had something to do. A direction. An aim. A goal. Something to accomplish. I wish my feet weren't freezing. I wish I could wear slippers, but my nails are still tacky. I hate feeling abandoned. It's worse that just being lonely. I'm craving someone. I was talking to Becca yesterday and realized a few things about myself. Really good, true friends are hard to find. I love mine, I just wish I could see them more. "The moon is full, my arms are empty." Dixie Chicks rock. But they put me in such a [insert that word that I'm searching for here] mood. I suppose I wouldn't listen to them if I didn't want to be though. Or rather, I it's comforting. Oy, Gail needs sleep. College is too far away. College is way too soon. Meh.

Nothing to do until 6:30...when I can go to Allie's.

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