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The moon is full, my arms are empty. All night long I've pleaded and cried

A) Camp is always on my mind. The kids, the songs. Work is invading my life. Dammit.

B) I love fireworks. They are pretty. The loud ones are the best.

C) I love firework commentary.

D) I don't love how sore my hands are from tugging that stupid wagon all the way there and all the way back. My feet are also not very happy with me. Stupid metal handles on a 30-year old wooden Radio Flyer. *sigh*

E) I'm tired, I guess.

F) The gathering was pretty fun. 25 people. Got to meet Jason's girlfriend Kay, who is awesome. I approve.

G) After party at my house was too huge. Half the group left for Lizzie's. The rest chilled here. And is now gone. So early. But whatever.

H) Party at Allie's tomorrow night. I hope it's better than this one. Gail has issues. They are not being resolved. What the hell? So much for anti-depressants, eh?

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