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All my life I've been searching for something

Went to Olive Garden with Candace, which was of the good. Then we brought Zoe back to my house and Jason came over.

Then we went to invite the boys, who had gone to Rob's.

They didn't want to come over (though they had all told me that they would), and we didn't really want to go there.

So Rob calls and says that they are going to Togo's and do we want to meet them for ice cream.

Sure. So we leave Zoe here to watch Fast and the Furious while Candace, Crystal and I go to Togo's. Then they pull this DICK stunt, driving in circles around the parking lot, ditching us, then coming back, expecting us to follow them around in a goose chase.

Well FUCK THAT. Considering my WONDERFUL day I had today, and the fact that Candace and I were both tired...we left to come back to my house. Candace called and bitched them out, on the verge of tears. I sent a text message that said "FUCK YOU JACKASSES! Our 6 year olds behaved better than you did! I hope you have a shitty night."

Pissed. Off.




Seriously, if they didn't want to hang out with us WHY THE HELL DID THEY INVITE US?

And it was frustrating and childish. And it made my bad day MUCH WORSE.

We had talked to people before dinner and we all decided to meet up afterwards to hang out. Candace and I went to Olive Garden, then picked up Zoe and JC and came back to my house. It turned out that a bunch of the boys were at Rob's. We were too tired and lazy from a long day of work to go, and wanted them to come here. A while later Rob calls back and invites us to Togo's for ice cream. We get there and Togo's is closed, and they pull this dick stunt where they start driving around in circles and ditching us completely, then coming back. Then were trying to lead us on a wild goose chase that was totally childish and something we weren't in the mood for. Finally, Candace and I decided to just go home. On the way, she called them, practically on the verge of tears and bitched out Goldy, and I sent that text message. No one has attempted to apologize.

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