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There's no mercy in a live wire, no rest at all in freedom

I went shopping.


I spent a lot of money, but got a lot of cheap clothes.

3 nylon-ish tank tops (red, black, cream)
1 (necessary) cool skirt (red with white)
1 pair of pajama pants (color: "pineapple plaid")
1 pair mesh shorts (cream)
3 pairs cotton shorts (navy, medium blue, black)
1 pair cotton capris (black with gold trim)

So 4 pairs of shorts, capris, a skirt, pajama pants and 3 tank tops for $130 (minus gum, razors, powder brush and chap-stik). Pretty good. Target rocks.

Whoa. Really random craving for Arby's. Mmmm....Arby's....

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