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You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips

Today has been a constant state of busy-ness.

Camp today was EXCELLENT. Seriously, I loved it. And it wasn't even all that fun, but I had a blast. And the kids are really cute. I have a couple girls who already love me. It's sweet.

And time flew by. A lot. Soooo good.

Then doctor's appointment. It went well. Then straight to dinner at Chipotle with Jason. Which was actually really good. Talked about some college stuff and other worrisome issues.

I came home and immediately called Zoe about planning our road trip. While she was on her way over, I looked over my housing info for Indiana. I'm in Forest, if anyone knows anything about that.

Then she arrived and we made a bunch of reservations. So things are somewhat set in stone.

Aug. 9 - 11 (2 nights): Grand Beach Provincial Park, Grand Beach (?), Manitoba, Canada. Camping.
Aug. 11 - 12 (1 night): Sherman Inn, Wolf Point, Montana. Motel
Aug. 12 - 14 (2 nights): Skalkaho Poor Farm, Hamilton, Montana. Hostel.
Aug. 14 - 17 (3 nights): Yellowstone, Wyoming. Camping.
Aug. 17 - 18 (1 night): Sheridan Lake, Black Hills, South Dakota. Camping.
Aug. 18 - 19 (1 night): Undecided. Hotel?
Aug. 19 - Return home!!!

Right now it's only me and Zoe. Because Candace bailed due to a Caribbean cruise (which we found out about AFTER making reservations) and Allie probably has family things.

It's so dangerous to go on a 10-day road trip with just two 18-year old girls. We can't do by ourselves!!!!

I want my Amanda.

Anywho. We planned all that, and booked all that. On my credit card...

Then Candace came over with a pint of Ben and Jerry's for each of us and we watched Top Gun. Soooooo calming after a complicated road trip planning session.

And now? I'm spent. And have to be up at 8am. Goodnight!

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