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And you try to see it my way, but you won't see why that I feel the way that I do all the time

Today has been pretty good. I didn't get to update earlier, because my sister hi-jacked the computer to order stuff.

So I went outside to wash my car. It's all clean! Inside and out!!

And I called Whitney to (sort of) set up lunch for tomorrow. It's at Chili's, but I didn't get a hold of Molly to set the time.

But Candace called and said that we were meeting for dinner at Chipotle at 6:15. Mmm...burrito. And after that seeing The Italian Job.

IT WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! Like Ocean's Eleven times 12.


Then we theatre hopped (!!! - it was my first time) to Hollywood Homicide.

WORST MOVIE EVER. So many unnecessary plotlines, and none of them were good. It was random and stupid and just SO BAD!

But, we got to see the preview for Pirates of the Caribbean TWICE!!!!! I really really really really really want Orlando Bloom. Really. And there was also the preview for Bad Boys II. Rock on!

SO yes. That was my night. Party.

And now, I'm getting to bed, cause I have to be up at like...11:30. God forbid!

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