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You're fixing us, but you can't even fix yourself

Why is it that glasses can make guys look really sexy, but they do nothing for girls?


I suppose I should start on my weekend...

Saturday, Part One: Kickball

Had to wake up at 7:45 so that I'd be to Sam's Club by 8:30. Sam's Club doesn't open until 9:30, so we went across the parking lot to pick up stuff from Wal-Mart. Over all, we got a TON of food, and important kickball and other sports equipment.

I had to make a special run to Jewel for salads, so while I was out, I picked up a Frappuccino. Mmmmm.

Kickball was fun. Lots of seeing people I hadn't seen in a while. Got to talk to Lewis, who I hadn't seen since winter break. Saw Steph, who was sick, and Bridgette. Finally saw Lindsay, who has been home for two months, but was healing from surgery. I really need to hang out with those kids more. I never see them when they are at school...and two years ago, and even most of last year, I saw them every night in the summer. I don't want to lose them.

Anyway, there was a ton of food, and our yet-undefeated kickball team of three our asses kicked. In actuality, we were only down by a few points, and I still maintain that they only got 5, NOT 7, runs in that first inning. But whatever. It's just a game, and it's not so bad.

I had to leave early at 2pm, and it was sad because I really wanted to hang out with people some more.

Saturday, Part Two: Wedding

Got home around 2:15 and everyone was gone. I was a little confused, but took the opportunity of an open shower and grabbed it. Got ready and set and we all left a little after 3.

The ceremony was nice. A little odd...though I always feel odd at church or temple services now. That whole "no religion" thing really screws with me.

Lisa read a poem that Brian had written about Staci, and surprisingly, I teared up, but didn't cry. It was fairly short though, and had it been any longer, I would have been gone. I think we all have tried to live a little more now, though.

The reception was nice. It was a bit smaller than I had expected, but very nice. Open bar, 5 course meal, and all that jazz.

I danced a lot. Drinking helped to loosen me up, because it usually takes me a long time to get warmed up to the idea of going out and making a fool of myself.

Oh yeah. And I got SO MANY comments on being so burned. Like...and obscene amount. Everyone was making fun of me, and this really random lady in the bathroom asked me if I had ever heard of "aloe vera" and said that she swears by it. Umm...yeah. I've been aloeing it up. Mostly people couldn't believe that I got SO burned in my 3 hours outside. Yeah, I looked like a lobster.

We left a little after 11, and I was so incredibly tired. When I got home, I called to see what everyone was up to anyway, but it seemed that everyone had scattered into very small groups and weren't doing anything fun. So I went to sleep.

Sunday, Part One: Wedding Gift Opening

My alarm went off, and I was cursing it in my head. 10 hours of sleep was not enough.

Got up and showered and got ready to go to my aunt's house. It was pretty dull, just hanging around. Everyone was tired from the day before and I had a headache combined from taking new medication without food or water, not enough sleep, too much sun, and being dehydrated. Yeah, it was fun.

Gatto called me to ask for a ride to Caitlin's and I was more than happy to leave the shindig to talk to him and find out where he lives. It was only for a minute, but I was really bored. The good part was that I rode with Fayanne and Brad and they wanted to be on the road by 2 for their 6 hour drive down to Carbondale, and I had the graduation party at 2, so it was an excuse to leave early.

Sunday, Part Two: Caitlin's Graduation Party

It was actually pretty fun. About 10 of us kids there, and we sat around chatting, indulged in a really good sundae bar, and had a water fight. I was still soooo exhausted, so by the end of the water fight, when I was soaked and uncomfortable, I got a bit moody. *sigh*

And then when I was chilling on the hammock, chatting with Patty and Charlie, EVERYONE decided to come over and I got kicked out of my relaxing position. Which really pissed me off. Because I was tired and cranky. But that's my own fault and I shouldn't blame them. So I went off by myself for a bit to compose myself and decide that chewing off people's heads would not be the best course of action.

Oh, and that political debate that we got into didn't help either. I either need to be less convicted in my liberal views, or stop hanging out with conservative peoples.

THE WAR WITH IRAQ WAS NOT GOOD. We did not obtain our objective...any of them, really. 1) Find weapons of mass destruction. Nope. We found one traveling lab, which had been cleaned out, and possibly able to be used for other activities. 2) Bring the Iraqis freedom. HA! They were without electricity for upwards of TWO MONTHS. If the US was completely without power for 2 days, we would self-destruct, I am certain of it. There was looting and lawlessness because of us, and many of the Iraqis wanted to support the US, but how can you when your life WAS BETTER WITH SADDAM because at least you could live and support yourself and your family, and run your business. 3) Kill Saddam. Uh...sure. We think he's dead. He hasn't come back yet...


Sorry for that...

I think one of the highlights of the day was talking to Jean Wallace-Baker (Charlie's mom), Aaron's mom and Caitlin's mommy with Zoe. I like some parents. They are fun.

At 7-ish, we left for Goldy's.

Sunday, Part Three: Goldy's House

We watched Equilibrium, which many people bitched about. Especially Zack. Loudly and often.

I thought it was eh. It was completely Fahrenheit 451 and a movie that you should have watched in Sophomore year English after reading Fahrenheit.

And the symbolism was smacking you in the face. LOOK! His eyes are blue!!! He's a FEELER!!

It was a communist society and I didn't like that it had a happy ending. Though the system was obviously corrupt, which I did like. The idea that they are promoting peace by not allowing human emotions. That there is no killing within the society, and yet their job is to rat on the "feelers" and get them killed. And kill anyone who even thinks about not obeying society. Mmm...contradiation of terms.

Overall, C+ film.

Then we just chilled in the basement. Pretty boring. I touched a really gross bug that I though was plastic and freaked out. I don't fear many things, but gross black beetles (and yes, I just wrote "beatles") are one of my fears. I HATE bugs. Bleh. *shudders*

The best part of that was went I put in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? because it rocks and it was nice to just sit and vege on the couch without movie critics talking the whole time.

I went home around 1:30 because I was falling asleep.

SOOOOOOO much weekend.

Ironically enough, now that it's Monday, I get to relax a little more. ;-)

On the schedule for today: Italian Job tonight with Candace and Zoe.
- NAP!! Because I need it. A lot.

Tomorrow: Lunch with Whitney, Becca and Molly.
- Start working (2:30pm-4:30pm)

Wednesday-Friday: Full work (8:30am - 3pm)

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