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And you're confused as to which way to go

I went shopping.

That's right. Me. The one who keeps complaining that she has no money.

The one who had to us her debit card last night at Chipotle because she didn't have $5.33 in cash.

I went shopping.

But to be fair, it was mostly because I had gift cards.

I bought 3 books (one from Barnes and Noble, the other two from a bookstore in the mall because I had a mall gift certificate). Ironically enough, I bought the three books in the "Shopaholic" series by Sophie Kinsella.

Yay books!

Then I went to Best Buy to check out digital cameras. The one I want is $500. EEP! I have expensive taste.

Then I went to Target for necessities of Blistex, shampoo, eyeliner, and foundation. Oh, and gum. All of which I've been desperately out of forever and mooching off of my mother or friends.

And I didn't buy the Fiesta Ware...though I wanted to. So there.

In cash (or, uh...charge) I only spent about $25. So not horribly bad.

I also went to my sister's apartment to make new icons. I'll upload soon.

Traffic was hideous, but I was miraculously in good spirits. Opa.

And now, I have Allie's graduation party. Yay.

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