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And the greatest miracle of all is how I need you and how you needed me too

I just woke up!

For the first time all summer (all three weeks of it) I have slept past 9:30!!!!!!


And I start work on Tuesday. Dammit.

Anywho. I just wanted to say that I happily slept for about 11 hours last night. And it was fabulous. Carry on.

Oh, and fucking sent me an email telling me of new music releases that I might enjoy...and now I really want to get the Movin' Out and The Producers CDs. I HAVE NO MONEY FOR THESE!!! I CAN'T BUY THEM!!!! Stupid amazon.

Besides. I can't order more from amazon until all of my purchases come in. And Harry Potter is not in yet. So there. :-p

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