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I'm so very tired.

'Nother day of school. Big whoop. I actually have a funny US History story to tell, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Went to dinner for my dad's birthday tonight. He turned 55. Makes me wonder where I will be in my life at age 55. Will I be going to dinner with my husband, sister, 4 children, and a granddaughter? Will it just be with my siblings? Romantic night out with the husband? Girls night out with some friends? I don't know, really.

Tattoo discussion during and after dinner. I want a tattoo really bad. My aunt and sister may get matching ones in a week or two. I would want the same one. Sentimental value, or something like that.

Went to sister's apartment, where I hung out with Tigger, and watched the last 11 of the 100 biggest Hard Rockers or something. Aerosmith was number 11. Tickets for their concert go on sale tomorrow at 9am. During dinner, I mentioned that I would give up my hair to go to their concert. Not sure if I actually would. My brother said he may have to arrange getting me tickets to see if I'd really do it. All I know is, I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT CONCERT.

Eric, and another friend of mine, Pete, are going down to Florida today. Pete won the Justin Timberlake look-alike contest, so they are in Orlando doing whatever it is they will be doing. If they meet Justin, I swear, I would be so insanely jealous. Pete does look a little like Justin, but only in the young-Europe days. Like in the video "U Drive Me Crazy", he could be Justin. Now though, you wouldn't see the resemblance.

Home now. Will sleep late tomorrow (I hope!). I really need it. I'll see y'all on the flip side.

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