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So last night, I went to bed a little after 1, but didn't fall by 2, I decided to sleep on the couch down here. I've taken to napping on it daily, so why not just sleep on it at night too?

I woke up first at 5:30 because Daddy was in the squeaky kitchen for a very long time, then I woke up at 7:45 when my alarm went off.

Sooooo little sleep.

And today was EXHAUSTING!!

All day at Six Flags, and I'm absolutely beat. We went on every roller coster...four of them twice (Raging Bull, Viper, American Eagle and Vertical Velocity). Deja Vu was closed for the day and we were disappointed. Superman was a big disappointment, but we got to ride the American Eagle backward! We also rode it forward later.

Oh, and I decided that I'm never going to Great America again without Zack and Peter. It was just too damn funny.

Today was cold, with very little sun. I regretted not wearing jeans. But I think I burned my face anyway. It was cloudy and I was wearing sunscreen. I don't understand.

I'm so very tired. And I was dizzy and headachy all day. So I'm getting to bed now. G'night all.

I'll sleep fine tonight.

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