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And nothing is taken or torn from you

Tonight entailed getting eaten by mosquitoes in the park, watching more Family Guy at Charlie's house, then going to Denny's at 11pm.

And I was home a little after midnight. Soooo early. But good because I have to wake up early for Great America tomorrow.

And there will be lots of fun tomorrow. And no one will be bitchy. And everyone will get along. And things won't explode into a horrible death.


So anyway. My prom pictures should be coming in the mail tomorrow-ish. And I'm still horribly broke. I need to transfer money from my savings to checking, or I won't even be able to make an ATM withdrawl tomorrow morning.

So if I wake up at 7:45, I can be showered and out of the house by 8:30. Then I can run to the ATM (8:38), pick up Zack (8:47), pick up Peter (8:55) and get to Lizzie's at 9.

Wouldn't it be great if things actually worked out that way?

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