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I was off to drink you away

Tonight was alright. Uneventful as usual.

"Secret" party at Caitlin's. Silly bitch that she is.

We were kicked out about 10:15, so I had an after-party for Zack, Amanda, Candace and I. We played Tigger's Hunny Hunt aka "Disney Does Acid" and looked through my brother's old yearbooks. I want to pretend that there were not a lot of drinking and drug references and that MANY girls gave him their phone numbers. didn't happen.

So now I'm alone and tired! So very tired. SO! Bedtime. I don't quite know if I'm sitting for Zoe or not. I guess we'll find out in the morning.

Oh! And we're going to Six Flags Great America on Wednesday. So far it's me, Candace, Lizzie, Zack. Maybe Amanda if we can convince her to call in sick to work, and Allie if I ever get a hold of her. Petey! What are you up to on Wednesday?

Tickets and food for the day is going to be about $50. Damn.

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